Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ok, I'm back!


After a VERY long hiatus during which I changed jobs twice and completed a very large personal project I am finally able to take a bit of time and get back to the project of working on and posting on this blog. I'm going to do my level best to try and maintain it a bit more. Sadly, the Blogger format really isn't the best choice for something like this, but since there isn't a free Forum solution available out there. this will have to do.

The thread over at ATPM continues to grow and grow, a good TEN YEARS after the original post. If that isn't a testament to the enduring popularity of the Monsoon Multimedia speakers then I don't know what is!

For those who either are still holding onto or have recently picked up a set of Monsoon speakers, I am going to attempt to be a resource for you. In the coming months I will be putting up feature articles on each of the various Monsoon speaker systems, with information sourced from all over the internet. Thanks to the magic of the Wayback Machine, I hope to be able to bring you as much information as possible about these great speakers.

Also, when possible, I will be including technical data about the speakers, including instructions on how to repair and service your Monsoons to keep them sounding great for years.

It's good to be back, and I'll see you all right here!