Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Greetings to all Monsoon Audio multimedia speaker system lovers out there. This blog will be a collection point for information and assistance with the Monsoon audio system speakers.


This site is in no way associated with Monsoon Audio which is owned by Delphi systems, a subsidiary of General Motors, and I will not be discussing the Monsoon Car Audio systems.

This site is a purely not-for-profit endeavor, and I neither make, nor intend to make any money through this site.

This site is specifically and soley set up to discuss and exchange information on the now defunct Monsoon Audio, also known as Level 9 sound systems, multimedia computer speaker systems.

Ok, that should cover the legal mumbo-jumbo.

Since this is the first post, there won't be much meat in it. I hope to have more information forthcoming in the near future. I will be pulling information from all over the web and from anyone who wishes to contribute. Feel free to leave your comments and information in the comments section below.